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We regularly get asked for general advice on how to make historic, typically Georgian Homes more energy efficient in Bath. Although there is no one answer to everyone’s questions here are some general pointers:

  • The “Warmer Bath: A guide to improving the energy efficiency of traditional homes in the city of Bath” is an excellent starting point – it was co-developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Bath Preservation Trust, with some help from Transition Bath, and contains 79 pages of well thought out advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • B&NES Council’s “Sustainable Construction SPD” webpage provides advice on retrofitting historic buildings, information on what requires Listed Building Consent and some cost estimates (potentially out of date)
  • Each year Transition Bath, in conjunction with B&NES council and the Bath Preservation Trust run an open homes weekend, where up to 20 homes are open, including many historic homes. Visitors can see energy efficiency measures in-situ and talk to the people who have made these changes to their home. In 2014 the event is being held on the weekend of the 27th/28th September. More information is available here.
  • Transition Bath offers a low cost thermal imaging and advice service which runs throughout the winter, and provides home owners with a quick way of identifying heat losses and opportunities to save energy – more information is available here
  • The B&NES Local Energy Advice line 0800 082 2234 may be able to point towards local assessors who can generate a Green Deal Advice Report (which includes an Energy Performance Certificate of the home, and basic recommendations). Some of these may have listed buildings expertise.
  • Parity Projects ( offer a more comprehensive ‘Home EnergyMasterplan’ survey and report service.
  • B&NES Council will be launching a local retrofitting service ‘Energy@Home’ this autumn (2014), which will provide both advice and approved local contractors, including grants worth ¬£thousands per home for solid wall insulation and other measures.
  • The government has recently announced plans to offer grants of up to ¬£6,000 for solid wall insulation and other measures
Warmer Bath: Historic Home Energy Efficiency Advice