B&NES Community Energy Strategy Consultation

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B&NES Council have launched their Community Energy Strategy Consultation and would like to know what you think about their strategy? The deadline for your feedback is 31st December 2014.

The strategy calls for 7 MW of renewable energy and 11 MW of renewable heat to be installed each year between 2014 and 2029, which is quite an ambitious target given to date the total installed capacity is 7.3 MW for renewable electricity and 3.5 MW for renewable heat. We do however think this is achievable given installations BWCE is currently installing a 2.35 MWp Solar PV farm at Wilmington Farm and Green Switch Developments have recently applied for planning permission for a 7.44 MWp solar farm. However the viability of future schemes will be dependent on government policy and future solar PV costs. Our analysis shows that this policy could deliver 18% of B&NES’s electricity and with grid de-carbonisation reduce B&NES’s carbon footprint associated with electricity by 87% by 2029.

The strategy also encourages the delivery of local green energy over more traditional fossil fuel and nuclear sourced electricity from the big ‘6’

The consultation asks you to complete 6 easy questions – which takes under 5 minutes to complete. We would encourage you to support B&NES in their strategy by completing the consultation feedback by 31st December.