Radical City of Bath ‘Living Heart’ Transport Plan aims to make the centre of Bath more pedestrian friendly and reduce vehicle congestion

adam-reynolds-heart-of-bath-transport-planThe proposal being developed by Adam Reynolds, who is Chair of CycleBath, aims to make the centre of Bath a more pleasant and less polluted place, by restricting traffic flow into the centre of Bath.

The initial suggestion includes 17 number plate recognition cameras to restrict vehicles entering a central area of the city to those of residents only and for deliveries.

By making this radical proposal he hopes to promote a discussion on how to solve Bath’s congestion and pollution problems. From Transition Bath’s perspective we feel this type of radical approach is necessary given there has been very little progress with solving Bath traffic and pollution problems over the last decade under the leadership of B&NES council.

If you want to get involved with this CycleBath project . why not sign up to their yahoo email group, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. An editable version of the plan is available here and a news article at the Bath Chronicle which has produced a large number of interesting comments is available here.

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