Transition Bath Comments on Planning Application for 189 homes at ex-MOD site at Warminster Road

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We have made the following submission to the planning consultation:

“Transition Bath is a charity aiming to build a more sustainable future for Bath. We would like to comment on specific sustainability aspects of the planning application 14/02272/EFUL.

We commend the application for the following:

  • Targeting Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 (although B&NES council had asked for CfSH 5 in their Concept Statement);
  • Proposing Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR) in all the homes making them more efficient, reducing pollution and rendering them future proof;
  • Provision for cycling and pedestrians by proposing a bridge over the canal.


  • There are unresolved technical issues surrounding the use of wood burning stoves. It is uncertain under Building Regulations Part J whether wood burning stoves in homes with low air permeability and MVHR are permitted. Further clarification is needed.
  • High density housing is consistent with the near city centre location and may reduce pressure on the need to build in the green belt.
  • Weather compensating the proposed gas boilers may further reduce energy consumption.
  • Charging points for electric cars for homes without garages need consideration.
  • A ramp connecting the bridge to the towpath would aid cyclists.


  • Lack of onsite renewables, when there is an obvious opportunity to install solar PV. The feasibility of this is demonstrated by the CfSH 5 Emery development at Darlington Wharf next door. We object and disagree that “This approach reduces the risk of failure with bolt-on technologies that may fail and further risk that the occupiers may not undertake repairs” – which is unproven. With solar PV the opposite is the case. It is best both technically and aesthetically if PV is ‘roof integrated’ during construction.
  • The lack of provision for any allotments, in contravention of council policy. Allotments are particularly important on this site because of development densities and small gardens.
  • A lack of a clear policy on provision for primary school places. The two nearest schools Bathwick St Mary and Widcombe Infants are heavily oversubscribed and at capacity. The lack of nearby provision is likely to increase traffic congestion and pollution.