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On April 14th 2015 we will be holding our annual project planning meeting to decide which projects we are going to be running in the coming year. This will involve both new projects and continuing work with existing projects.

Potential new and old projects include:

  • Thermal Imaging: how should we go forward (there will be a more focussed meeting on this in May)?
  • Blower Door: this is a brand new and potentially quite exciting project
  • LED lighting: we have just received a £1,500 grant to enhance this project, would you like to be involved?
  • Schools Energy: do you have any ideas for how we can further help schools to be more energy efficient?
  • Bath Green Homes: although officially we are not running an Open Homes event this year, how can we build on last year’s event?
  • Close the doors campaign: getting shops in the centre of town to close their doors in cold weather to stop heat escaping – it’s a national campaign, but one we have not to date participated in due to a lack of volunteers
  • Electricity generating bicycle: build a bicycle which generates electricity and can be used for us to demonstrate the value of energy and would be great advertising for our group
  • Draught-proofing workshops: in the absence of an Open Homes event this year, do we want to run another of our successful workshops?
  • Carbon Descent Plan: would you like to help out on completing our carbon descent plan?
  • Bulk selling of Draught-proofing and insulation: we have about £1,500 of bulk bought material, how should be go about making sure it is used?
  • Electricity and appliance monitoring project: we have lots of electricity and appliance monitors available for loan, can we make good use of them, could we for example launch a ‘2 tonnes per year per home of CO2’ challenge?

Do you have any ideas for other projects?

Could you let us know what you think and give us an idea of how much interest there is in each of the projects or if you have an idea to other projects by completing the form below? We would like to know what inspires you, and what you think would help us make Bath more sustainable?

If you have the time, please come along on April the 14th and help shape the future of the energy group!