St Saviours Infant School in Larkhall bids to become a Solar School

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St Saviours Infant School is Larkhall is raising £18,000 to become a Solar School. If you would like to help them by donating click here, or if you have any ideas for fund raising or would like to help, please contact the school at

Head teacher Ed Harker commented: “This year, to celebrate our school’s 50th anniversary, we want to create a long-term legacy by launching a project to fit solar panels to the school roof. We’re excited at the prospect of doing our bit for the environment and helping the children understand more about renewable energy, and we’re delighted to be working with the wider 10:10 Solar Schools community.”

Having solar panels will not only mean that the school saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. It will also save on energy bills and hopefully generate some much needed income for the school by selling back to the National Grid, which will benefit all the children.

For the children of St Saviour’s, it’s exciting to be part of the project. Charlotte said: “I think our school needs solar power because we will use less bad energy and get good energy from the sun.”

Lloyd said: “We want to start using the sun’s energy to stop global warming and save polar bears.”

The school has installed a ‘solar-ometer’ so they can track their progress towards their fundraising goal.