Bath University Biodegradable Microbead Research

Bath University develops biodegradable microbeads

Scientists and engineers from the University of Bath have developed biodegradable cellulose microbeads from a sustainable source that could potentially replace harmful plastic ones that contribute to ocean pollution. Plastic microbeads used in cosmetics and toothpastes have been leaching via our river systems into our oceans, being ingested by wildlife and entering the food chain. […]


BWCE £1M 5% ISA 5 Year Solar Bond Offer:

Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) are refinancing a loan taken out to fund its first tranche of solar PV panels which were installed on 9 local schools and community buildings in 2011/2012. The bond which is available in an ISA wrapper (tax free interest payments on investments up to £20,000) aims to pay interest […]

Avon Please Stay Safe Cycle Initiative Jan 2017

Operation Close Pass Launches in Bath

Plain clothed police officers riding cycles on the Lower Bristol Road in Bath have been videoing and ‘re-educating’ motorists who cycle too close to cyclists on the road. Car drivers should leave at least 1.5 metres of space when over-taking cyclists, unfortunately many motorists ignore this guidance. Drivers caught driving too close were offered the […]

Parliamentary Election 2017 Candidates Transport Priorities

Transport Priorities of Bath’s 2017 Parliamentary Candidates

Ped Asgarian, Transition Bath’s Transport Convenor interviewed our prospective parliamentary candidates this weekend. During the interviews he asked each of the 4 candidates to prioritise 11 potential transport projects for Bath. Their answers appear above. The only project which all candidates could agree on as a top priority is the Low Carbon Emissions zone for […]