bikeability job at bnes council Feb 2017

Commuting to work by bicycle or walking reduces your risk of dying from any cause by 41%, the incidence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46% compared with commuting by car or public transport

A paper in this month’s British Medical Journal and reported on the BBC website suggest that those commuting to work by cycling or walking are significantly more healthy than those who commute by public transport or by car. The report suggests that it is much easier to build commuting by walking or cycle into our lives as […]

Clothes Dryers

Ultrasonic clothes drier uses 70% less energy

An article on the BBC website today on a new type of clothes drier which is 3 time quicker and uses 70% less energy caught our eye. Clothes driers on average consume more than 10% of a household’s electricity (394kWh /year (£60) from an average annual house electricity consumption of 3,638kWh/year (£545)   Source: Powering the […]

Diesel Smoke

Would the proposed A36-A46 Link Road reduce pollution in B&NES?

Background Both our current MP Ben Howlett and B&NES are pushing for a link road to be built between the A36 and A46 across Bathampton Meadows. One of their justifications for this project is a reduction in pollution and congestion in central Bath. We were curious whether this claim could be justified? It is almost […]

Diesel Smoke

Should B&NES change transport policy focus from road and car parking building towards reducing the 31,000 local car journeys in Bath each day?

Adam Reynolds, chair of CycleBath and member of the Transition Bath Transport Group is trying to change the mindset of the Council away from a focus on road and car park building towards encouraging Bathonian’s to walk, cycle and use public transport. As he points out there are 31,000 local car journeys and 4,500 school […]

Mayoral Hustings 2017- new

Crowd-sourcing of questions for the Transition Bath Hustings for the West of England Mayoral Elections on 4th May 2017

On Wednesday April 26th 2017 we will be holding our West of England Combined Authority Hustings for the prospective mayor for B&NES, Bristol and South Gloucestershire . In preparation we would like to crowd-source some questions for the event and would like your help. Please remember Transition Bath’s focus is on making Bath more sustainable […]

Cable car in Bath

Curo starts consultation on south-side transport solutions including cable car

Curo’s consultation on solutions to transport and traffic problems on the south side of Bath has started with a series of consultation events. Their plans are summarised in these posters, and they have set a new website to outline their plans. Curo are building the 700+ new home Mulberry Park housing development on the ex-MOD Foxhill […]

BNES Bike Loan Scheme

Free Bike Loan Scheme in Bath

Bath and North East Council in conjunction with 2 local bike shops in Bath and Radstock, are offering anyone who doesn’t own a bicycle the opportunity to borrow a bike for a month to encourage them to take up cycling. There is a choice of 3 different bicycle types: a hybrid, an electric and a […]